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Top 5 Advantages of Same-Day CEREC Crowns

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Losing a tooth as an adult can be a frustrating experience. It could affect the way you eat and talk and can draw unwanted attention cosmetically where you’d rather people not focus. Fortunately, with access to all sorts of crowns, bridges, and dentures to help with missing or damaged teeth, you can now restore your smile after losing a tooth. 

One of the best options for replacing a missing or damaged tooth is same-day CEREC crowns (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics). These crowns, often made of ceramic or porcelain, are durable, convenient, and natural-looking. They’re also very comfortable and require no more maintenance than your natural teeth. This makes them an excellent choice if you need to replace a missing or damaged tooth.

These crowns are cut using computer-aided design and manufacturing so that they’re a precisely-cut and comfortable replacement for your missing tooth. If you have a tooth that’s been damaged in any way, reach out to the team at Pristine Dental or book an appointment to see if a same-day CEREC crown can help.

1: CEREC Crowns Are Convenient

It used to be that if you needed a crown to replace or help a tooth, you’d need to go to your dentist for the first visit. Your dentist would examine the tooth and determine how to approach fitting the crown before taking a mould of the affected tooth. They’d fit you with a temporary crown, then send that mould out to be manufactured to match your tooth. And then you’d wait!

Once your dentist called you back, you’d have to go back in for another visit, where they could remove the temporary crown and then install your fitted replacement. And if there were any problems, delays, or unusual circumstances, you could potentially have to come back for yet another visit after that until the crown was fitted properly.

CEREC crowns skip most of that hassle. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, your dentist is now able to use modern technology to digitally scan the affected area around your tooth and have a perfect replacement made during your visit. They’ll even be able to match it closely to the colour of your teeth! And once the crown is made, they’ll install it immediately, so you can have the entire process finished in one single session.

2: CEREC Crowns Are Extremely Durable

CEREC crowns are normally made of ceramic or porcelain. And since they’re digitally scanned, designed, and cut, there’s very little room for error. They’re cut so that they’ll be an exact match for the damaged tooth, leaving no concern about the crown slipping, falling out, or adjusting out of place.

They’re also stain-resistant and don’t decay like natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. You can brush and floss the crown just as you would a natural tooth, and you don’t have to worry about any discolouration!

3: CEREC Crowns Are Comfortable

Because these crowns are cut using modern technology, they’re cut precisely to match what your specific circumstance requires. Unlike the traditional moulds, they can’t slip or adjust awkwardly, leaving you with a well-fitting crown. 

While traditional crowns could rarely fit perfectly due to the nature of the process, CEREC crowns are accurately cut to match your mouth. 

A close up of a woman smiling after receiving a CEREC same day crown at the dentist

4: CEREC Crowns Are Cosmetically Convincing

A common concern when having a crown fitted is that it’ll be obvious you have one installed. Traditional crowns, whether temporary or permanent, are difficult to make perfectly—the nature of the process leaves room for error.

Whether it occurs during the taking of the mould, during the cutting process, or any other step in between, traditionally-made crowns are rarely an exact match, both in size and colour. But since CEREC crowns are made using precision technology, they’re an exact match for the missing or damaged tooth. And your dentist can use porcelain or ceramic as close to the natural colour of your teeth as possible, so you won’t have to worry about it being an obvious replacement.

This means you or anybody around you would be hard-pressed to be able to tell you have a CEREC crown installed!

5: CEREC Crowns Cost the Same as Traditional Crowns

By now, you may be wondering how much these crowns cost. After all, with the use of this technology, it may seem like they’d cost significantly more than a traditional crown, right?

Actually, they cost about the same! While exact price may vary a little bit depending on your specific situation, they tend to cost a fairly similar amount.

When paying for a traditional crown, you’re also paying for the crown to be cut and made wherever the dentist is having this done, as well as both the temporary and permanent replacement. 

With CEREC crowns, you aren’t paying for any of that—just for the visit and the use of the machine! 

Are CEREC Crowns the Right Choice for Me?

At the end of the day, CEREC crowns can be an excellent alternative to traditional crowns and bridges. While both are a great way to help with a missing or damaged tooth, CEREC crowns are comfortable, affordable, and durable, and they leave little room for error.

The best way to determine whether a CEREC crown is the right choice for any missing or damaged teeth is to speak with your dentist. They’ll be able to assess your situation properly and help you decide whether a CEREC crown can help.

To speak with an experienced professional about CEREC crowns and whether they’re the right decision for you, schedule an appointment with Pristine Dental today.

Written by Dr. Navneet Sandhu

Dr. Sandhu obtained her bachelors degree in dentistry from Baba Farid University, Faridkot, India. She worked in India for about 6 years as a tutor in Guru Nanak Dev Dental College and Research Institute and in a private practice as well before moving to Canada where she settled down in Winnipeg with her family. She completed the Canadian equivalency process in 2018 and worked in a private practice in Winnipeg since then.

Over the years, she gained valuable experience in extractions, crowns and bridges, root canal therapy and managing soft tissue lesions. Dr. Sandhu believes in building long lasting and trustworthy relationships with her patients. Her main goal is to make you comfortable, listen to your needs and help you achieve a happy, healthy and long lasting smile.
Dr. Sandhu is keen on constantly updating her knowledge and skills through various courses and seminars. She is a very detail oriented professional and is a very kind and caring person. Her main interests are in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.
Apart from dentistry, she loves travelling and exploring new cultures and enjoys her free time relaxing at home with her family. She avidly enjoys going to yoga.
She is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi apart from English and looks forward to helping you with all your dental needs.
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