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Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Brush Them Everyday?

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A woman with a puzzled look on her face while holding her toothbrush wondering why her teeth are yellow when she brushes everyday

You hear a joke that makes you laugh. You get a compliment from a stranger. Maybe you run into a friend on the street. Either way, there’s always something in our everyday lives that can make us smile.

Many people have a concern, though, about their smile, and you may too: yellow teeth. Even though you brush carefully every day and try to take care of your teeth, they’re still not looking like the pearly white teeth in those toothpaste commercials. So why are your teeth still yellow, even if you brush them every day?

The simplest answer is that most people’s teeth are naturally off-white or yellow; very few people have naturally white teeth. But in cases of a darker yellow colour on your teeth, it’s likely caused by staining agents commonly found in many different foods, drinks, and other substances. 

Coffee, wine, soft drinks, berries, and even certain medications—all of these can contribute to the yellowing of the teeth. 

If you want to brighten your smile, you can always book an appointment here at Pristine Dental and ask about our teeth whitening options today.

What Makes Teeth Yellow?

One of the most common misconceptions about teeth is that brushing them makes them whiter, but this isn’t the case. Brushing isn’t about the colour; it’s about the overall health of your teeth and making sure they’re clean. Teeth can be perfectly healthy and clean but still be a yellow or off-white colour.

There are many different factors that can contribute to the yellowing of your teeth. But most of them tend to be associated with diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene. 

How Diet Affects Teeth Colour

Your diet can directly contribute to the discolouration of your teeth. For example, if you often drink coffee, tea, red wine, or soft drinks, they can cause your teeth to be darker in colour. Red wine, coffee, and tea all include a chemical compound called tannins that tend to stain your teeth. 

Even though fruits and berries can be an excellent way to start your day, they’re also known to stain teeth. If your diet is heavy in these, it could be leading to discoloration. The same goes for many different dark sauces and drinks. 

Other common foods or drinks that can discolour teeth include:

  • Soy sauce
  • Dark vinegars
  • Tomato-based sauces 
  • Fruit juices
  • Turmeric 
  • Energy drinks
  • Chocolate

Avoiding these foods and drinks won’t stop any discolouration overnight, but reducing how often you consume them may help with surface staining. 

How Lifestyle Affects Teeth Colour

There are many things you may indulge in that could be contributing to yellow teeth.

For example, if you’re a heavy smoker, this could be causing your concerns—tobacco, tar, and nicotine all stain the teeth. The longer you smoke, the more severe this discolouration becomes, and brushing every day won’t stop that.

Certain medications or medical treatments can also cause your teeth to become more yellow. If you’ve recently switched to a new medication or begun a new treatment and have noticed your teeth have changed colour since, consider speaking with your doctor to see if this could be the cause.

A close up of a smile with a white line down the middle showing yellow teeth on the left side and white teeth on the right.

Are Yellow Teeth Still Healthy?

Yellow teeth can be just as healthy as perfectly white teeth. The concern shouldn’t be about the colour itself but the overall health of your teeth. If they’re yellow but clean and well-taken care of, then you’re doing well! 

The best way to make sure your teeth are healthy is to practice good oral hygiene. By brushing at least twice a day, flossing often, and using mouthwash, you’re taking proper care of your oral health. It’s also a good idea to avoid sugary drinks or foods before bed, as this can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. And don’t forget to stay on top of regular visits to your dentist!

We’re Here to Help

If you’re worried about yellow teeth, there are teeth whitening options available at most dentists. When your teeth have a buildup of plaque or surface staining, it’s worth booking an appointment with your dentist to make sure they’re healthy. 

To speak with an experienced professional about teeth whitening, book an appointment with the team at Pristine Dental and brighten your smile today!

Written by Dr. Arpanbir Judge

Dr. Arpanbir Judge is your dedicated, professional, and friendly dentist here at Pristine Dental. After completing his B.D.S. degree at the Damesh Institute of Research and Dental Sciences in 2003, he went on to complete his M.D.S. degree at Darshan Dental College in 2009.

Dr. Judge is particularly interested in the areas of endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and CEREC crowns for his patients. His favourite part of his work is seeing patients genuinely smile after relieving tooth pain or transforming their smile.

Outside the practice, Dr. Judge is an avid Formula 1 fan. He also enjoys watching action movies, long drives with calm music, and he’s currently trying to learn piano! Dr. Judge is excited to get to know you and your unique interests so he can better serve your needs.

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